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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Next was GWAR and I didn't really know what to expect from them. I had never heard a single song from them previously so obviously I was completey unfamiliar with their sound and style. After about twenty minutes when Job for a Cowboy finished their set, a video screen came down and started playing this bizare video that apparently was made by GWAR with a ten minute countdown. The video had it's funny moments but ultimately it was really gay and tempermental to the point where everyone was saying "Get the fuck on stage already!" When they came out, they were all wearing these weird ass costumes which, inevitably enough, entertained the crowd quite well. They kept shooting this inky red/black/green water shit into the crowd which drenced everybody. It was awesome though.
I'm not trying to hate on you or anything, but I have to ask for clarification...have you never heard of/seen anything about Gwar and their stage show? Your statement seems to imply that, and again, I'm not judging, but I just never have heard of anyone who didn't know about Gwar.

Sounds like a fun show though

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