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Gojira -- Brooklyn, NY -- September 21st, 2009

Gojira really know how to put on a show. Their set list always has a surprise in it, and every song they play, no matter what album, always has a great reaction. The guys are a fantastic live force, and if you have yet to see them, whether you like their music or not, you are really missing out on something that's truly beyond words.

The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
Lizard Skin
Ocean Planet
The Art of Dying
Drum Solo
Flying Whales
Where Dragons Dwell
Toxic Garbage Island

Over all, it was a fantastic set list. I haven't seen them play Ocean Planet since the Radio Rebellion tour they did back in 07. Lizard Skin was definitely a highlight, Backbone is always the craziest song of the evening, and last night was the first time I got to see Where Dragons Dwell live. Fantastic performance all around. Now, if only they would come back and just play the entire Way of All Flesh album; THAT would be something.

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