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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
I wasn't talking about Creeping Death. I was talking about the set lists in general. Even I saw them six times last year. I didn't feel the same vibe as what you are talking about.
I know you weren't talking about Creeping Death at all I was just using the song as an example of something that should be in every night. What cities did you see them play in last year? I haven't seen them since 2004 so maybe the dynamic with the audience has changed and they're aren't as into it anymore. I'll deffinately pay more attention to that when I see them in November. Another reason people maybe more into here in Buffalo than other places is because over the last almost ten years now we get less and less big name shows coming here and Metallica is one of the few bands who still come here every tour so maybe people here are more up for it because of that. AC/DC is playing here next month for the first time since 1996 just to give you an example of how it goes around here with big time shows. I could see fans in the larger cities like NY or LA having a "whatever" attitude when they go to see a band because they get the major shows all the time.
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