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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
No need to complain. Their US setlists are always like this. The Europe set lists are a huge contrast to these. The turnout, response, crowd participation and the overall atmostphere is much better at European shows thats why they are rewarded with the older classics. Copenhagen was sold out five nights in a row. I can't imagine that being the case with any city in North America.

When I see videos of Europe, I feel that everyone in the crowd is getting involved in the show. Here in the US when I go to shows, I see 90% of the crowd eating nachos and drinking beer, sitting comfortably in their seats. And you expect the band to play their rarest songs for such crowds??

This is just how I see it. I'm neither European nor American. I will continue to go to their shows because I love their music, but I wish to see them in Europe at least once to get the REAL Metallica experience.
I with you on the European crowds. Not only with Metallica but with every other band they are way more passionate but to think that they get better sets because Metallica is "rewarding" them for being like that really makes the band look like a bunch of assholes if that's truely the case.

I'm not sure where you've seen them here in the states but in November it'll be my sixth time and i've never once been to a show where 90 percent of the people where just "sitting there comfortablely with beer and nachos". Every show i've been to from them the people are into it from begining to end cheering and singing along as loud as possible.

To think that Metallica would not do a song like Creeping Death that should be in every night without question because the crowds here don't act as good as they do there doesn't make sense. You should be rewarding your fans for coming out period. No matter if the reaction is better somewhere else to a certian song. The one thing in this whole debate we've forgotten to mention though is that they record and offer a download of every show off their site and in order to get people to buy them they switch the sets most nights and that's the real reason why the sets are the way they are.
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