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WOW. 1 song doesn't make a setlist. I know Shortest Straw is a fan favorite and I love it but I've been with Metallica since No Life til Leather and I wouldn't have been happy with this setlist. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 6 at best.

Remember we see all the setlists they do so having a healthy debate isn't a bad thing. To say someone is crying or whining is idiotic in all reality.

Personally I'd rather hear ANY song off Kill em all other than Seek and Destroy. Add in the cheesy sing-a-long and they could play Phantom Lord AND Metal Militia to reward the old school crew.

Creeping Death should be in the NEM slot as a staple played every night. And for god's sake mix up the DM stuff. The 1st time I listened to the cd I thought Judas Kiss was the best song and still do to this day.

No one is arguing that you don't get your money's worth with Metallica but with them selling cd's of their shows and posting their own setlists you would think they wouldn't be posting setlists that make it seem they're just going through the motions. Just my 2 cents.
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