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Originally Posted by b_halperin View Post
Really awesome!! Since seeing you post these videos, I've started to learn how to use Beatcraft and it takes a long time so fine tune the drum tracks.

I'm currently recording one of my songs with the program and it's been very difficult but a fun experience to play around with my song.

I love this track you posted, it reminds me of Behemoth at parts, which is awesome. Keep making more! And I hope you find a vocalist because I can imagine they'd sound even more brutal with vocals.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that this song does a great job of keeping my interest! I usually can't sit through 7 minute long songs but this one is good haha
Thanks a lot dude, your feedback is much appreciated. I'm glad that you like the new one, it's personally one of my favorite ones, and the Behemoth compliment is flattering .

And to using Beatcraft, it is such a harrowing process, really takes time and dedication, but it ends up so worth it. With the second and third song, I never would have thought they would come out so good til I had the drum track laid out, so I love that program. Glad that this 7 minute one keeps your interest too . Hopefully I'll have the 4th by the end of this week.
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