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Ugh. So upset that I have to miss this tomorrow night in Cambridge. I love Pagan's Mind.

I can't speak for any of the members personally, though Nils is for one not Christian (Interview). Regardless of the other members, Pagan's Mind are not a Christian band - they don't sing about Christianity.

As for the "God's Equation" thing, taken from the same interview:

The thing is the cover is supposed to be provocative. I am trying to illustrate that all religions come from the same source. The goddess is holding the Christian cross, the Egyptian Ankh, the Ying Yang from the Eastern religions and the Jewish Star Of David. They all have the same source, which is man-made.
Albert Einstein came up with the term ‘God’s Equation’ originally. He was speaking about a theory of his called The Expanding Universe back in 1918, I think. He had this mathematical formula that explained how and why the universe is expanding at all times. He later on ditched this theory thinking he was wrong. Then in the late ‘90s scientists found out that he was right after all. The term ‘God’s Equation’ became popular in alternative thinking circles. DNA codes are links among all organic materials on this planet. There is a mathematical link through DNA.
That was probably more explanation than was necessary, though, huh?
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