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Alice in Chains -- Milwaukee, WI -- November 11th, 2006

I know this was 3 years, but I'm sure people might be interested. Anyways, this was held at the Eagles Ballroom, which holds, I think, 4,000 people. It was on a Saturday, and ended up selling out either the day of the show or a few days before. It was a great show, there was a little moshing, during one of the first few songs I got thrown back a good six feet, but oh well.

Whale & Wasp (tape)
Bleed the Freak
It Ain't Like That
Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die

Layne Video Tribute
(Acoustic set)
Don't Follow
Killer is Me
No Excuses
Got Me Wrong
Down in a Hole

(I can't remember for sure, but there may have been another Layne tribute)
Sludge Factory
We Die Young
Angry Chair
Man in the Box
5/30 - Cryptopsy
6/18 - Crowbar
7/8 - Slayer/King Diamond
8/4 - Alice in Chains
9/30 - Mark Knopfler

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