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I was front row at the show and it was fucking awesome. For all the shit they get, nobody puts on a show like Metallica. Also Lars doesn't deserve half the shit he gets, dude does not stop for over 2 hours. He may not be as good technically as he once was, but he really gives every ounce of energy he has and he is so fun as hell to watch that it doesn't matter.

As far as the setlist, I was pleased. I notice they sometimes have a 'Master night' or 'Ride night', well tonight was 'Justice night' and thats fine by me. Shortest Straw, Blackened, Hit The Lights, For Whom The Bell Tolls, thats good enough for me. Seeing them again tomorrow night so they'll probably play more Ride and Master.

If anyone's interested in Gojira's set its
The Heaviest Matter In The Universe
Flying Whales
Toxic Garbage Island
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