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Chris Caffery -- Queens, NY -- September 19th, 2009

Again, I'll get to posting a proper review later. Note: This was a semi-unplugged show. Most of the songs featured full band electric guitars, but everything was toned down.

Set list:
01.Christmas Eve/Sarajevo (2-guitar improv arrangement)
02.Music Man (Me on guest keyboards), Crazy life
04.Bag of Bones
05.-new song- (so new it's neither finished nor named)
06.Bridges (Doctor Butcher)
07.China Grove (Doobie Brothers cover) (Brian Gregory on vocals)
08.Can't Get Enough (Bad Company cover) (Mark Sly on vocals)
09.Summer's Rain (Savatage) (me on guest keyboards)
10.Believe (Savatage) (me on guest keyboards)
11.Edge of Thorns (Savatage) (me on guest keyboards)
12.Seasons Change
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