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DragonForce -- West Hollywood, CA -- September 18th, 2009

What a show. They never disappoint live!

First band was a local band called 2 cents. They're music wasn't really my thing but damn were they funny! they stopped the show to point out a guy that was txting.

Second was Taking Dawn. I met the singer/guitarists at the Judas Priest show in Vegas and he was a really cool guy. he remembered me and we talked before they went on. Since i know the guy, I'll just say their music wasn't really me cup of tea

Next was Sonata Arctica. Pretty good for the first time seeing them, but my only complaint was they played too much new stuff. I don't own Unia or the new album so i couldn't fully enjoy their set. Partial Setlist:

In Black and White
Flag in the Ground
Black and Grey
Paid in Full
Last Drop Falls
Don't Say a Word

The it was DragonForce's turn. They were better this time then any time I have seen them before. I really loved their set! Great songs that i thought i would never hear live. Memorable moments were hearing Where Dragons Rule and Starfire, crowd surfing to the last two songs, and watching Sam's hilarious stage antics. Their set may not be in correct order since I'm doing this from memory but ol well

Fury of The Storm
Heroes of Our Time
Operation Ground and Pound
Reasons To Live
Where Dragons Rule
Fields of Despair
Keyboard Solo
Disciples of Babylon
Last Journey Home
Valley of The Damned
Strike of The Ninja
Through The Fire and Flames

Oh and during the Keyboard, Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica) came on stage and he and Vandim had a battle. But Henrik's keytar wasn't working so he had to do his parts from Vandim's keyboard.
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