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I don't have a problem with only one song off RTL here. There should certainly be more than one from the album but as long as they remember to represent the first 4 albums every night i'm OK with it. It would be far worse if they totally ignored it if you ask me. Some sets are like this for them though one night you'll only get one from RTL and get 3 from MOP or AJFA. Then the next night RTL will have three songs in the set and maybe only one each from MOP, AJFA so the way they do it kind of evens everything out. If you've ever seen them live you no that no matter what they play the shows always kick ass and Metallica still gives you two hours or so every night comapred to a lot of other bands younger than them who only do 60-75 mins as a headliner. You get you money's worth when you see them live and that's all that matters in the end.
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