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Stryper -- New York, NY -- September 18th, 2009

Stryper -- Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza, Manhattan, 9/18/09

HEY! Don't knock the flock that "ROCKS for the one who IS the ROCK!"

Yellow and Black Attack was in full swing tonight, as the classic lineup of M. Sweet, R. Sweet, Fox and Gaines are back for a 25th Anniversary tour and to promote their new album Murder by Pride.

Michael took the stage and got everyone into it with an Accapella sing along of Soldiers Under Command. Then they went into it, blazing through a set of classics and new material for a great crowd of Hardcore Stryper fans.

1) Soldiers Under Command
2) Murder by Pride
3) Loud 'N' Clear
4) The Rock that Makes Me Roll
5) Reach Out
6) Calling on You
7) Free
8) More than a Man
9) Alive
10 Peace of Mind
11) 4 leaf Clover
12) Eclipse of the Son
** Bible Toss**
13) Honestly
14) Open Your Eyes
15) All for One
16) My Love I'll Always Show
17) The Way
Abyss (intro)
18) To Hell With the Devil
**(NO Closing Prayer?!?)**

Obituary 9/29
Steel Panther 10/8
KISS 10/9 Nassau
KISS 10/10 MSG
Metallica 11/15
Cannibal 12/18

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