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Originally Posted by SerpentineVIVIVI View Post
Why the fuck are they playing the same set from the last leg?? Change it up! I know that they change it each night, but it's really just the same songs they rotate, and the DM songs have either got to go or get switched around, seriously. If your gonna mix the set every night, and you did this same EXACT set style last leg, make the rotary songs either the DM songs or totally different songs and make songs like Creeping Death and Ride The Lightning staples.
They're playing the same set format this leg because they're still touring for Death Magnetic. It makes complete sense to me. They've done everything off DM but Unforgiven 3 so I don't really see how rotating the new stuff really does anything at all. There are still about 6 or 7 songs a night that they rotate which is a lot more than a lot of other bands so I don't see the need to complain. This set is actually one of the better balanced ones i've seen so far. Up til last tour Creeping Death used to be played every show so it was a regular for 20 years. It's my favorite song from them and i'd love to see that they do it every night still but I understand them wanting a break from it and rotating it with something else. Because of that we get songs like Damage, RTL, FFWF, Dyers Eve and Blackened. Songs that weren't even regular until the last couple tours. Due to the song rotations sometimes their sets are crappy but this set is hardly anything to complain about.
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