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Stratovarius -- New York, NY -- September 16th, 2009

Great show, both Pagan's Mind and Stratovarius really rocked the house, and even the opening band Ethereality were pretty damn good. My memory of the set lists is unfortunately rather fuzzy, as I was very tired. As a result, the Pagan's Mind set is incomplete, and the Stratovarius set is not totally in order.

Pagan's Mind:
God's Equation
United Alliance
Atomic Firelight
-A couple of songs here that I can't recall- I think Through Osiris' Eyes was probably played here, though
Hallo Spaceboy
-Another couple of songs I can't remember, though I think Aegean Shores might have been one of them-
Alien Kamikaze (this song is beyond sick live)


1. Destiny
2. Hunting High and Low
3. Speed of Light
4. Kiss Of Judas
5. Deep Unknown
6. A Million Light Years Away
7. Legions
8. Winter Skies
9. Phoenix
10. Bass/Guitar Solos
11. Forever Is Today
12. Twilight Symphony
13. Eagleheart

14.Father Time
15. Black Diamond

The first band was Ethereality, which is actually a band that features a few people I know indirectly/acquaintance-wise. No set from them, since I'm not actually familiar with their material. They were pretty good, and I realize being able to play this show (opening for Strato/Pagan's Mind + playing such a large venue) is a really big deal for a local band. They also closed with a cover of Pharaoh by Symphony X, with a guest appearance by Thomas Miller himself on bass.

As good as they were, Pagan's Mind still managed to totally destroy them. Opening with the monumental "God's Equation" and delivering a good 50-55 minutes of rockin' songs besides all that. A highlight for me was the opener and Alien Kamikaze, which somewhat shocked me because it was about 5000 times better/heavier/faster/awesomer live than it is on the album version.

Then of course came Stratovarius, and they're very good. They always deliver, and if you've seen them, you know that. Matias (the new guy) is really good, and I would go so far as to say that the current Strato lineup is probably the best Strato lineup. Lauri Porra really is a phenomenal bassist, and I would consider the new guitarist to actually be a step of from Tolkki, who was pretty unentertaining in a live scenario and was beginning to get really dry in style. Seeing them performing this well, coupled with Polaris, really solidified to me that not only are Stratovarius still relevant in the power metal scene, they are better than they have been in almost a decade.
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