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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Phil McSorley is BY FAR a better guitar player and riff writer than Adam Jones .
McSorley is vocals, Erik Wunder plays the instruments.

Originally Posted by JRA View Post
So you know how Gamma Ray is derivative of Priest and Maiden and stuff? Well this is pretty much the Gamma Ray of the "Tool" and "Opeth" department. It's not really anything new, and at times it passes the greatness of it's predecessor, but the only way I can see anybody thinking this is avant-Garde is if you are stuck in 1995 and you still think Tool and Faith No More are still the avant Garde.

Originally Posted by JRA View Post
One of the things I did not like about Opeth is they play the same tempo over and over again. If you're a drummer, that can get on your nerves very fucking quickly. Except when they aren't playing the Opeth tempo, they are playing the Tool tempo. Now Tool obviously had a little more rhythmic variation than Opeth did, but only hearing two tempos over and over again is one of my quirky musical pet peeves.
Using contemporary rock bands to illustrate a poorly constructed point about basic rhythmic philosophy is quite dubious. THRASH

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Also, my back hurts.
Feel It
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