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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post

Does anyone have an idea what song plays on the PA before 'Ecstasy of Gold' starts on this leg of the tour? Just wanna be ready.
I too saw the St Louis show and am from Nashville.....
both nights the song before the tape intro is Heavy Metal Thunder from Saxon
The Lemmy jam was awesome. I had just returned form Washington DC where i saw Motorhead, and was pretty surprised Lemmy was here! Damage Case was bad Ass
I will say that some of the set bummed me out..after reading what the over seas tour was getting I was hoping for a real rarity.
instead of : Creeping Death, Holier then Thou, Sad But True or for f*cks sake Turn The Page..I would have killed to see Trapped Under Ice, Hit the Lights, Damage Inc, No Remorse, Jump in the Fire, Helpless, Ride the Lightning......just one of those would have been great...
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