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Originally Posted by the chewbacca defense View Post
i assume you got it from record and tape traders? I love their stores. I like that their staff for the most part knows their shit. He was able to help me find the new Dying Fetus album. Try telling that to a best buy clerk. They prob wouldn't know what your talking about
Good call. Yeah Record & Tape Traders is the shit. The manager of the Glen Burnie store has been there for 20+ years and dude knows more about music than anyone I've ever met. The guy I talked to will be at the Ottobar show too.

I just got a free ticket to Chevelle Sat night and my buddy's band Deadlock is playing after Chevelle on the Quarter stage but I can't get into any of them after listening to Gojira and Burst. Fukkin Halestorm opening again. Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhh. Should be a cool crowd though...
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