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Hammerjacks was like no other place. Maybe the Roxy and Rainbow in LA in the 80's would be a similar crowd. There were certain songs that were anthems there that made the girls go nuts. The Ramones - Somebody put something in my drink was one of them. A song called Monkey Bars by Coney Hatch was another one. Certain songs would come and chicks would grab the closest guy, pull them on the dance floor and grind you to a pulp. It was a beautiful thing. If you knew the words to the song your chances of getting attacked went up 50%. This was my experience with Sink the Pink.

When I recently watched the US festival and saw all those people doing the
80's dance I just laughed. I never saw that dance. We did the "pelvic dance" and grinded back then. There was nothing cheesy about my 80's experience and I see girls wearing leopard print and F' me pumps again these days so like music, fashion is a cyclical thing.

The band Charm City Devils used to be called Child's Play back in the 80's & early 90's and their song My Bottle was HUGE around here. If you like ac/dc type music I highly recommend picking up Child's Play cd Rat Race. It blows away Charm City Devils and some songs are still played on radio stations around here 20 years later. Kix, Wrathchild (America) and Child's Play ruled this town back then and through Reunions and facebook parties people get to experience a little slice of what it was like back then. The only difference is now we just call it Cougar hunting! hahahaha
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