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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I'm going to see if our local record store has any of their cd's.

My buddy described Zoroaster as old Clutch meets old Sabbath.
I recommend last year's "Lazarus Bird" and 2006's "Origo" (although all of their albums are good). If you happen to get both, play Origo first and then see if you can pick up on the musical growth from that album to Lazarus Bird. It was really obvious to me (although Origo was very good, and critically-acclaimed).

Their most famous track is probably "Where the Wave Broke", which is an absolute crusher. The highlight from Lazarus Bird is probably "(We Watched) The Silver Rain", although over half the tracks on the album qualify as highlights. "I Hold Vertigo" and "I Exterminate the I" are both phenomenal, as is "Cripple God".

Also, from what I have heard of Zoroaster, your friend is right. They seem to have very much of a stoner / doom sound. I seem to remember the tempos of the songs being a bit slow for my taste, but they are heavy. With the addition of Gojira for your show date (lucky bastard ), this should be an excellent show for you. Enjoy!
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