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I was on the floor for this show. I saw AC/DC here back in January and Metallica with COC in this building back in 96. Both shows had great sound.

Metallica sounded great. I saw the Death Magnetic tour in November at St. Louis. Once again, just like the St. Louis show, the support acts had their sound turned down so low (especially the guitars) that it was damn near inaudible. They pulled the same stunt with The Sword and Down last November.

Gojira rocked although their sound was muffled and muddy due to the volume being turned down so low. No setlist for them as I am not familair with their song titles.

God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle filled in for Mark Morton who is not touring due to family issues. Doc play Mark's parts perfect!!! His solos and riffs were on spot the entire set from what I could hear. Lamb of God had the same sound problems Gojira had. Lamb of God's setlist is probably out of order (and could be missing a song):

The Passing (CD intro)
In Your Words
Set To Fail
Walk With Me In Hell
Something To Die For
Dirty Seeds
Laid To Rest
Black Label

Lamb of God had alot of energy and seemed to win over most of the crowd by the end of their set. Suprisingly alot of the crowd, especially the younger crowd (teens to young adults) I heard talking in line and inside the venue were not familiar with Lamb of God. During Black Label there was a huge wall of death. Randy dedicated Somthing To Die For to the US troops. He also made the crowd chant BULLSHIT due to Hank Williams Sr. being booted out of the country music hall of fame. He talked about how he and Hank 3 are friends. He dedicated Ruin to Hank Sr. He said there was no better place to kick off this tour than Dixie

Lemmy was great. It was a welcomed suprise. I would bet that doesn't happen again for a long time. James introduced him by saying he influenced the band and Lars was obsessed with him. He said, "Lars even claims to have puked on this legendary musician." LOL

Also during the Metallica set Kirk did 2 guitar solos. He did solo cover of Uli John Roth's (Scorpions) Sails Of Charon for one solo and what sounded like an original clean guitar sounding 2nd solo later in the show. After Enter Sandman, the band returned to the stage and played the intro of the Shortest Straw and the crowd loved it. I would expect that to be played at future shows in its entirety.

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