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I do agree that there are many innovators in the post-metal genre that are kicking major ass these days (and more power to all of them).

I find it a little hard to swallow that Isis has become "not memorable" or "has run their course". I know it's my thread, and so I'm basically expected to say this, but I really believe what I'm saying. Wavering Radiant may not strike everyone as the album of the year, but I have talked to many a post-metalhead who thinks that it may be their best album yet.

I suppose there is no accounting for taste - at the end of the day, you either like it or you don't. I liked it - still do. It may even be somewhere in my top ten this year, but December is a long way off, and there is still some mega-good shit coming on the horizon...


P.S. - Isis was also one of the best live shows I saw this year as well - if we had a year-end list for shows, it would be up there in the top rankings for me as well.
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