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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Does anyone like Burst or Zoroaster or heard anything good about them?
Burst is a Swedish band (from Umea, where Meshuggah is from!) that plays what some would call metalcore, but I would argue against that label a little bit because it is just so proggy. It reminds me of Mastodon a great deal, but in my opinion they are almost better (just less popular).

Their 2008 album "Lazarus Bird" was my #2 pick out of eighty-something albums last year - it is phenomenal. Their 2006 album "Origo" was also incredible, IMHO. Unfortunately, familiarity withg their material would go a long way towards a great concert experience with these guys, and you don't have much time to listen up. I still think you may like them anyway, but you'd probably like them more if you were famiiar with the intricacies of their material - it is pretty complex and requires several listens to really appreciate (in my experience, anyway).

Here's the thing about this tour - it is Burst's first tour of the U.S., and unfortunately it looks like it is going to be their last - they have announced that they are breaking up (or going on "indefinite hiatus" or whatever) after this tour is finished. I know, other bands have said the same thing and gotten back together later - and I hope that this is what happens with Burst - but it is stil probably true that there will not be another chance to see them live any time soon - if ever - after this tour. What a shame.

I'm hoping to see them with Zoroaster in Detroit on October 8. Unfortunately, Gojira is not playing that date - and more's the pity, because I really want to see them live now that I've become a fan.

Anyway, hope this helps.

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