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Getting fired up for the Gojira show and just saw this. To Sirius, Ocean Planet or drum solo?

I don't how "godly" a drummer is, drum solo's are boring and self indulgant. What could he possibly do anything that hasn't been done a million times? To skip 2 of your best songs to play a solo is just a waste in my book.

That being said I'm really hoping they bring these songs back. It's great to have myspace and other vehicles to influence bands. You'd be surprised if you request a song or make a vaild point to play a song that they'll play it.

I realize it's not always the actual band members running the pages but it's usually someone close enough to the band to influence them. If I'm going out on a Tuesday to see them with openers I've never heard of, at least play your best shit.

Does anyone like Burst or Zoroaster or heard anything good about them?
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