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Originally Posted by snowdog2112 View Post
Going to that show also.I like the DM setlists different. Last time time they came they pretty much gave Buffalo alot of the songs played on this setlist.
Buffalo last time got the B Side setlist from them IMO alot of St. Anger if I remember
The last time they were here they only played 2 songs off St. Anger and it was not a B side set at all. True that hey didn't play Creeping Death, Harvester or For Whom The Bell Tolls last time. They opened with Blackened i remember and they also did The 4 Horsemen,Disposable Heroes, Thing That Should Not Be, Fade, Fight Fire With Fire and a very rare live playing of Whiskey In The Jar. The set was not bad at all. In fact they might even have it archieved on this site or you can always try and i'm sure they'll have the exact one.
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