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Talking Anonymus -- Montreal, QC -- September 11th, 2009

Epic concert. By the way, Marco Calliari is Anonymus's ex-guitarist/vocalist.

Four More Years
Festin d'Entrailles
L'Empire des Vautours
Prologue to Our Demise
Fear Tomorrow

Reanimator (partial and out of order)

When the World Burns Down
Ignorance Is No Excuse
Maximum Overdrive
Standards of Failure
Thrashin' the Neighborhood

Neuraxis (probably out of order)
Dreaming the End
A Curative Struggle
Clarity (with wall of death)
Darkness Prevails
Shatter the Wisdom
The All and the Nothing

Chapter Chaos Begins
Suffer the Consequences
Invisible Man
Out of Breath
Evil Blood (with Marco)
Loto-destruction (with Marco)
Why Be the Judge? (with Marco)
Virtually Insane
Fonce ou crève
Demons are Forever (with Marco)
Feed the Dragon (with Marco)
Sans dessein (with Marco)
Que le diable m'emporte
Tierra (with Marco)
Un poing c'est tout
Sous pression (with Marco)


Un pied dans la tombe (with Marco)
Démonomane (with Marco)
Prosternez-vous (with Marco)
8/6 - SubRosa
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