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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
1. Sixpounder
2. Living Dead Beat
3. Hellhounds On My Trail
4. Silent Night, Bodom Night
5. Hate Me !
6. Needled 24/7
7. Lake Bodom
8. Bodom After Midnight
9. Blooddrunk
10. Follow The Reaper
11. Angels Don't Kill
12. In Your Face
13. Children Of Decadence
14. Bodom Beach Terror
15. Downfall


16. Bed Of Razors
17. Hate Crew Deathroll
wow even though it's the same songs they always play i'm really loving this set. maybe it's the fact that i've only seen them 2x (last headline tour and gigantour). fuck ya to them closing with Hate Crew Deathroll, that is my favorite song by them. i've also never seen Needled, Lake Bodom, Bodom Beach Terror, and Bodom After Midnight so i'm really looking forward to hearing all of those.

but i agree they should put in Mask of Sanity, Warheart, or something else they never play.

ohh well whatever i'm stoked for this tour especially after listening to Black Dahlia's new killer album. also been hearing much great things about Skeletonwitch.
1.19 Nightwish
2.4 August Burns Red
2.13 Bodom
2.17 Machine Head
2.18 Symphony X
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