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Originally Posted by UnleashTheWolves View Post
Children Of Bodom have really short songs so isnt 17 songs like an hour and 10 minutes maybe a little more.
I put it together in a playlist on iTunes, and minus any talking Alexi might do, the encore break, etc. it's about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Seeing them on Friday for the first date of the tour - I wouldn't mind this set at all, they're my absolute favorite band, so any set would please me (even if this is my fifth time seeing them). Two of my favorites are represented - Children of Decadence and Bed of Razors. I've seen CoD, but didn't see them last time they headlined and played Bed of Razors, so it'll be nice to see that, and to see Lake Bodom again. I would love for them to put in Red Light in my Eyes, or especially Touch Like Angel of Death, though.

I should be able to post a setlist Saturday morning.

Also, like someone else said, it would be nice to see Mask of Sanity back in there. It was part of a medley with Deadnight Warrior (which is ALSO missing, ) back in 06, but it would be nice to see the whole thing done.
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