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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I know everyone has their opinion but are you seriously trying to tell us that the 3 worst AC/DC albums(Flick, Fly and Video) are your favorites? Flick has a couple of good tracks like Rising Power and The title track and so does Blow Up Your Video but Fly On The Wall is easily their worst effort. With the exception of Heatseeker and That's The Way I wanna Rock N Roll they aren't gonna play anything off these albums. AC/DC has way too many big hits that people are coming to hear than to even worry about those albums. Every great band goes into a slump and for me these 3 albums were it for AC/DC.

Honestly for me saying that those 3 are their best is like saying Load, Reload and St. Anger are Metallica's best efforts. At least it makes for an intresting discussion though.
I'm just curious. Why do you feel that FOTW is such a horrible album?

I do agree about the 3 Metallica albums though. Especially St. Anus.
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