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Satyricon -- Hollywood, CA -- December 3rd, 2004

Allright my first thread for this forum and its for a black metal band!

BAND: Satyricon
DATE: December 3rd, 2004
LOCATION: West Hollywood, CA
VENUE: The Whisky

These songs are not in order though and they are from the top of my head, I will confirm when I get home:

With Ravenous Hunger
Fuel for Hatred
Suffering the Tyrants
Repined Bastard Nation
Nemesis Divina
Hvite Krists Dod

Raise the Dead (Bathory cover)
Mother North (they closed with this one)

*Edit - They finished the set (before the encore) with Hvite Krists Dod from the album "The Shadowthrone". I am really not sure if they played another song from "Rebel Extravaganza" but I do feel that there was one more song on the set that I just can remember.

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