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Clutch -- Philadelphia, PA -- September 11th, 2009

Lionize and Wino opened, both were decent. Place filled up pretty good. They were giving out free tickets to the Down show, which is tonight in the same building, as you walked in the door.

Slow Hole to China
50,000 Unstopable Watts
Struck Down
The Yeti
Devil & Me
John Wilkes Booth
Burning Beard
Abe Lincoln
Gravel Road
Cypress Grove
Texan Book of the Dead
Pure Rock Fury
Electric Worry
One Eyes Dollar
Shogun Named Marcus

Bass amp died after the first chorus of Cypress Grove, so they had to stop and get it fixed. As they were repairing it, Neal said "It's like rock band - but real." Pretty funny. After the repair, they started the song over.
12/13 - BTBAM/Enslaved

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