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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Great bands reward their fans that have been there from day 1. They don't just cater to bandwagon people or play half of their new cd to sell more copies.

My point is Clutch is increasingly losing touch with that. I've seen setlists when they only played 2 songs of their 1st 2 cds and no demo's from Impetus or Pitchfork. That's a big FAIL! in my book any day.
Dude quit whining about this setlist, you weren't even there. if u wanna complain about a band not playing their old stuff, try being a die hard tool fan and seeing the same setlist like 3 times in a row and knowing that you'll never hear any of their old stuff live again. then u can complain. clutch mixes up their sets more than any other band i've ever seen, so quit whining and enjoy the music they play instead of nit picking at the set list of a concert u weren't even at. if u truly like the band you should be happy no matter what they play.
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