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Yeah The Elephant Riders isn't old shit to me and can't hold the "jock" of the 1st 2 cd's. Spacegrass, Shotgun, Monster Trucks, Binge & Purge, Impetus, R&R Outlaw, Prison Planet, 12 oz Epilogue, El Jefe Speaks, Wicker & Body of JW boothe are all superior to 90% of the music that came after them in my not-so-humble opinion.

The new cd is good but these songs are great. There are some gems in that setlist but some boring parts also. Great bands reward their fans that have been there from day 1. They don't just cater to bandwagon people or play half of their new cd to sell more copies.

My point is Clutch is increasingly losing touch with that. I've seen setlists when they only played 2 songs of their 1st 2 cds and no demo's from Impetus or Pitchfork. That's a big FAIL! in my book any day.
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