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Antisocial and Got the Time are covers too. With all the great songs they have why play 3 covers? I personally hate antisocial worse than death but like Got the Time a lot... plus it's short. They drag anticocial out for 8 minutes of sing-a-long crap that has me hitting the bathroom and scoping out chicks every time.

One day they'll wake up and not play ANY covers and bring back Be all, end all, NFL, I am the law, A.I.R. and the songs the hardcore fans want to hear.

Also I'd rather hear Starting up a posse than any other rap song/cover. That shit is dope!
6/2 - Hatebreed & Devildriver
6/11 - Thrill Kill Kult
8/3 - Deftones
8/14 - Bush & Chevelle
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