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Originally Posted by Slasherous View Post
My approach to this is simple. If your on the floor you take that risk no matter what. Whether your far back, close to the front etc, if your on the floor, its fair game for movement. Personally when i pit its at the front, and just imo the front should always be the most live, in which case in Detroit at that point when i started a pit there was no live movement at all (not even full tilt head banging). There was a few, but i felt nobody was "Rocking out with there cocks out" if you know what i mean. Can't let the guys on stage do everything, the crowd has to give something back. Plus if someone slams into you constantly, just move, thats the great thing about the floor. But thats just my opinion.
I agree to a point. We stood towards the back because we wanted to avoid pits and were fine til Ace during the encore. Putting the onus on us to move at that point is a cop out. Why should we have to move from a spot we've been standing at for the entire night? If you want to mosh, go to where the pits are. If there are no pits, then be considerate of others, accept that this particular night there will be no moshing, and enjoy the show. Also- those of us who did not move in AC did give something back- fists in the air, vocal cords screamed til we were hoarse and, for some, 30+ years of being fans of the legends on stage.
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