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I don't mosh at shows I don't mind that other people do for me it makes for a very cool visual. But at a Motorhead show I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there was no moshing since a lot of their fans maybe older and not into that at all. Quite fankly I think moshing takes away from enjoying the actually show. You're there to WATCH the band perform but when you mosh all you're not really paying attention to the band you gotta watch your ass more and make sure you don't get hit wrong but to each their own. As long as they're not those annoying fuckin kids who throw fists and do those stupid ass spin kicks as their way of "Moshing" then i'm fine with it. That's the dumbest fuckin thing i've ever seen at show. What the fuck are you doing? God, they're so fucking annoying

As for people who are moshing who keep bumping into people who aren't the next time someone does that do you just grab their ass and toss him into the middle of the pit. They may not get the point but at least you can get some fustration out over being hit when you don't wanna be
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