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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Nice set the only thing I would add would be Sea Of Sorrow and maybe something like Brush Away or Head Creeps. Is this venue general admission? If that was the case why exactly did you get stuck behind this guy headbanging. All you had to do was MOVE SOMEPLACE ELSE
I wasnt going to move if I was 1 guy from the rail right in the center. I could see everything from where I was. Why give that up. In the end I got 2 pics, so i cant really complain all that much. Yes, the venue was GA. I paid 35 bucks for my ticket when people I talked to in line paid upwords of 100 bucks a ticket. This venue only really holds 1000-1200 people
8.2 - System of a Down/Deftones
9.15 - Hatebreed/Whitechapel/All Shall Perish/Deez Nuts
10.12 - Rush
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