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Alice in Chains -- Philadelphia, PA -- September 5th, 2009

Last time I saw AiC was in 2007 when they opened for Velvet Revolver. They did not dissapoint one bit. The only bad part of the show was getting stuck behind a dude with long ass hair that kept getting thrown in my face. If I had scissors I would have cut it all off...asshole. Anyway. William was on point all night. It is really creepy how similar he sounds to Layne. They played 3 new songs, one of which I didnt really like at first listen (Acid Bubble), maybe it will grow on me.

**Any tip for anyone going to the Theatre of Living Arts in Philly. They dont let you line up in front of the TLA anymore. You have to line up in the alley next to it, right by South Street Steaks.**

Rain When I Die
Check My Brain
Them Bones
Dam That River
A Looking In View
We Die Young
Nutshell (dedicated to Layne)
Love, Hate, Love
God Am
Acid Bubble
Angry Chair
Man in the Box
No Excuses
8.2 - System of a Down/Deftones
9.15 - Hatebreed/Whitechapel/All Shall Perish/Deez Nuts
10.12 - Rush
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