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Cold -- Louisville, KY -- September 3rd, 2009

So yeah, I know Cold isn't really "metal" or even really "hard rock", but I know quite a few people seem to like them (at least their first two albums anyway) that are into metal/harder stuff.

The venue was Phoenix Hill Tavern, which you can guess by the name of it, was incredibly small. There was probably somewhere between 150-200 people at the show, which is cool an all, cause I love smaller shows, but I know it's gotta suck for the band. 2 Local bands were up first, Instituation and Some Kind of Saint. Institution were more of rap-rock band, but they actually did it quite well and I was impressed. I didn't really care too much for Some Kind of Saint though.

Scooter's side-band, The Killer and the Star, was the third "band" of the night. I put it in quotes because it was only Scooter at a keyboard and a bass player on stage. Still, it was interesting to see though I'm not a fan of them anywhere near as much as I am of Cold. They only played a few songs before leaving.

Angel Falls
End Of Summer
Living With Musicians
Starts When You Fall

Taproot was next, and I had only seen them once previously and that was back in 2002 right after their second album came out. I know they haven't really had much success since then, but I'll be damned if they still don't put on a good show and Stephen Richards definitely seemed to put a lot into it. During the last song, "Poem", he even tossed the mic into the crowd during a chorus and did the 'Gimme, gimme, gimme' bit to get it back to finish the song out. Regardless, I enjoyed Taproot's show a lot more than I thought I was going too.

Again & Again
Path Less Taken
Wherever I Stand

Cold came on a good half hour or later after Taproot. Their show was very similar to when I saw them back in 2005, which isn't a bad thing, but I just wish they would incorporate their Self-Titled into their set list cause they didn't play any then, and none here either. Most of their set was stuff from "A Different Kind of Pain" and "13 Ways to Bleed On Stage", which I kinda wish they wouldn't play so much from "ADKOP"...but oh well. The short-haired guitarist they have for this tour had a lot of energy, and was probably the most into it. Scooter thanked the crowd a bunch, said "Much love", and "We'll be back in January" but didn't really say much other than that. As much as I like Cold, their set could have been better; and if they truly come back in January, I'll most likely see them again.

Anatomy Of A Tidal Wave
Back Home
When Angels Fly Away
Feel It In Your Heart
Tell Me Why
Happens All The Time
Sick Of Man
Another Pill
Rain Song
Send In The Clowns
Just Got Wicked
Anti-Love Song

I headed out right after Cold was over. Overall it was a really good show, I think Taproot's show was more enjoyable than Cold's though, and hopefully on Cold's next tour, they play some OLD stuff.
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