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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Lame. Aren't they supporting In Flames on their US Tour, too?

I saw them open up for Bodom and was underwhelmed, but I bet if they had more time, it'd be awesome.
Yeah I think the tour with In Flames is going to the US also. It just starts in Canada. Depending on what BTBAM's setlist looks like for this tour, I might go. But I doubt it will top a headlining gig.

The first time I saw BTBAM was on the Progressive Nation tour last year with Dream Theater and Opeth. Then I saw them again at an off-date headlining show just a few days later, and it was a completely different experience. I would definitely recommend seeing them headline if you can. It won't break the bank either, tickets to the show tonight were like $15.

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