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Wow, what a great thread ... I just had to reply!!!

Metallica, Slayer, Sabbat ... 3 of my fave bands (in that order too) (other than Maiden of course!!!)

For me Metallica did nothing between The Black Album and Death Magnetic. Both of which are great albums.
Load, Reload and St Anger (particularly St Anger) were nothing short of shite.
Kill Em All and Ride The Lightning are good, solid early days albums.
Master Of Puppets is a classic masterpiece.
Justice For All is a superb follow-up to Puppets - a rock solid album with awesome tracks.
The Black Album has some great songs too, albeit heading towards the more commercial side of life that they never should've gone down that culminated in St Anger (and nearly cost them everything) ... thank fuck Death Magnetic has saved them ... a great album.

As for Slayer ... Show No Mercy is a great debut album.
Hell Awaits, Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven and Seasons In The Abyss ... ... says it all.
Divine Intervention and Diabulus In Musica (what a shite name for a Slayer album for fucks sake!) are poor.
God Hates Us All returns us to "old" Slayer.
And Christ Illusion is nothing short of superb.
Can't wait for the next installment ... World Painted Blood

And then we have Sabbat ... being from the UK perhaps I know them better than some of you guys in the States?
For me they are a fantastic band you should check out if you enjoy thrash, great lyrics and tight live sets. Be prepared to have your ear drums ring for days after one of their live, intimate gigs!!!
Martin Walkyier is one of the most gifted lyricists I have ever come across and put him together with Andy Sneap - one of the most musically gifted people on the planet - and you have one hell of a band.
I honestly recommend checking out History Of A Time To Come and Dreamweaver
Most people prefer Dreamweaver but for me it is actually History ... that gets the nod from me.
They only did 3 albums (the other was Mourning Has Broken with Richie Desmond on vocals this time around) ... a good, solid album but Martin Walkyier he ain't!!!
Also try out the video (yes, video!!! ) The End Of The Beginning ... fucking brilliant gig. Watch out for a new DVD hopefully coming soon once Andy Sneap has finished with Megadeth's new album, EndGame

Hope I wasnt too long winded, but couldnt resist the right to reply!

Thanks for looking, guys!
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