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While I respect your passion and knowledge of 80's thrash you're still wrong about Slayer. Their new cd is fast as balls from what I've heard. It's total Reign in Blood-ish from the 3 songs I have and I love all 3 of them.

I'm all about the faster the better with Sadus and Dark Angel being my favorite bands for years and Kill em all still being my favorite Metallica album but Sabbat doesn't belong in the same league as any of those bands to me.

They're worth checking out but having a dude in the band named Gizz Butt who left the band to join Prodigy isn't going to be cool to most metalheads.

I dig Prodigy and think the video for Smack my bitch up is the best music video ever made but when I want to take out aggression, I turn to Slayer.

I'm listening to a bootleg from the Hell Awaits tour now and Crypts of Eternity, Hardening of the Arteries, Show No Mercy and Praise of Death are faster and better than anything Sabbat could even think of doing in my opinion.
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