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Megadeth being my favorite band of all time (even put them on my CLASS RING) I have to say, after 7-8 full listens, it's my 3rd Favorite Megadeth album.

If you are a Megadeth Fan on ANY level you will like this. Like Thrash? You got 2-3 Solid Tracks of it, Like The 90's Era? Oh there is plenty. And even the slow tempo song is made memorable by the fact the message is touching and the music to support it, a real winner if you go into the track wanting to just enjoy music.

Tracks that stand out for me: 44 Minutes, Bite The Hand, Endgame, Headcrusher, The Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed With A Kiss, How the Story Ends, The Right to Go Insane.

Endgame, the song, sounds like it will open their shows.

Basically the whole album is great and an easy to listen through.

As my top 5 Megadeth Albums Rank Currently:
Rust In Peace
Countdown To Extinction
Cryptic Writings

(NOTE* My favorite style of Megadeth is the 90's Style. This may hold bias over my whole little review, but seeing how all Megadeth is Good Megadeth to me, minus So Far... and The World Needs, this is a great album, BUY IT!)
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