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Megadeth - Endgame

Ever since hearing "Head Crusher", I had a lot of hopes for this album. I thought the song was full of what Megadeth could bring out, thrashy riffs, thrashy beats, and thrashy vocals. I thought it was an awesome track immediatlely upon release. Then "1320'" came out, and I thought it was another good track, not as good as HC, but still good. And THEN, the title track came out. It was such a different style than both HC and 1320', and it just reminded me so much of Countdown-ish tempo and vibe, I loved it a lot. That's really why Megadeth are my favorite band, they've practically released different records each time, instead of rehashing the same thing every time (note the word practically, because recently a lot of it has been following the same sort of formula, but compared to plenty of other bands, I think they're doing just fine). Anyway, 44 Minutes came out after that as well, and I thought it was cool, even though it was a big ripoff of the "Domination" riff. And very recently, I found information that the album had leaked, and me being the pirate I am, it is now on my computer . It opens with "Dialectic Chaos" that opens with goes into a riff that reminds me a lot of "Into The Lungs Of Hell", really cool track. Then it goes perfectly into "This Day We Fight!", which is a really cool thrashy track, and the mid-section is so god-damned heavy! "Bite The Hand' is really melodic, especially at the verse. Reminds me a lot of a "So Far..." track, just with better production . "Bodies" also has a really catchy groove to it, with a great harmony towards the end. "The Hardest Part Of Letting Go...Sealed With A Kiss" is an interesting track. It always sounded like a ballad, and I thought it would be, but I didn't think it would be good. Not just because I'm that guy who "doesn't like ballads and they aRe PHail", just because I didn't think Megadeth could really pull off a ballad, especially since they had totally rehashed "A Tout Le Monde", which was so unoriginal of Dave. I thought this one was really good though, the beginning is pretty emotional, has the nice chord progression and some nice vocals over it. Then it gets like almost "Cryptic Writings" like with some keyboard in the background, definately sounds like a track that could have been off of CW, which isn't bad for one track. The ending goes back to that mellow style too, ends with a cool orchestral outro. I just hope this doesn't become some stupid single/video that becomes the next big thing (not that I think it will). Overall, good track, I appreciate it and it thouroughly surprised me. "How The Story Ends" is a track that definately sounds like it came from an outtake of the UA sessions. That track took a couple of listens to really get into for me, but in the end I got it well and enjoy it as well as the others. The closer, "The Right To Go Insane", is a slower track reminiscent of "Youthanasia", very vocal driven with a sorta repetitive riff following the verse. The chorus is awesome, really memorable for me. And the whole last minute has a thrashy vibe, ending the album with a nice little bang. Also, fun thing I noticed first time I heard the end of the song, the very first riff that the fan club was able to hear is at 3:27 and 3:55 . Pointless fact, I know. Overall, I think that the album is what I was expecting: really strong and solid, good groundwork, but nothing new. As I said before, recently Megadeth have been following a similar formula with some tweaks here and there. Some fast tracks, more mid-tempo ones, and in every track at least a "thrashy" section, etc. To sum it up with no detail, it's pretty much a better "UA" in my opinion. Heavier (not that always necessarily means better, but in this case it does for me), faster, more emotion, better really. A solid record, definately up in my top 10. We'll see towards November how this fares with "Evangelion", "Crack The Skye", and when it's released, "World Painted Blood". I'll end it with props to Dave for releasing another solid, enjoyable record

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