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Hatebreed -- Sayerville, NJ -- August 30th, 2009

Best show I have been to all year. Doors were at 5 and I wanted to be there by 6 to catch Toxic Holocaust because they added another opening band last minute named One Brick Down, so I knew I had more time to catch Toxic Holocaust. So my house is a 30 minute drive to Starland tops so I left at 5 and got there around 6:45! My friend and I were stuck on a two mile stretch of highway for 45 minutes because a car flipped over the railing into the woods. Despite a slight delay we were back on track. We got there and literally when I walked in Toxic Holocaust was walking off stage. . This must have been the third time in 1 year that I missed them open. I was upset but it didn't bother me because so many other great bands were yet to come.

First band I saw was DYING FETUS and they were nothing short of phenomenal. Easily second best band of the night. Set list is complete but maybe slightly out of order. 9/10
1. Homicidal Retribution
2. Your Treachery Will Die With Your (new song)
3. Justifiable Homicide
4. Kill Your Mother/ Rape Your Dog
5. Grotesque Impalement
6. Pissing In Your Mainstream
7. Praise The Lord (Opium of the Masses)

Second band I saw was WINDS OF PLAGUE and I don't know why people bash them so much. Their one of the few "deathcore" bands I actually like and they were third best band of the night, in my opinion. 8/10
1. Decimate The Weak
2. Origins and Endings
3. Angels of Debauchery
4. New Song (didn't catch the name of it)
5. The Impaler
6. One Body Too Many
7. Reloaded

Note: Between WoP and Chimaira I met the drummer of Dying Fetus and he told me they were coming back around in the winter with The Faceless and I heard a rumor of Suicide Silence and Decrepit Birth playing with them too. So definitely Dying Fetus and The Faceless and maybe with Suicide Silence and Decrepit Birth.

Next was CHIMAIRA and I was never a huge fan but they were really good tonight and I liked the set list they played, a lot. 7.75/10
1. The Venom Inside
2. Resurrection
3. Power Trip
4. Empire
5. Disappearing Sun
6. Severed
7. Secrets of The Dead
8. The Flame
9. Pure Hatred

Last but certainly not least, the best actually, HATEBREED! They were simply amazing, it's been a little over two years since the last time I saw them but it was worth the wait. Loved and pretty much knew every song they played. They got the whole place moving from the time they got on stage to the time they got off the stage. Simply Amazing, easily best band of the night. 9.75/10.
1. To The Threshold
2. Destroy Everything
3. As Diehard As They Come
4. Ghosts of War (Slayer cover)
5. Doomsayer
6. You're Never Alone
7. Last Breathe
8. Pollution of The Soul
9. Perseverance
10. Under The Knife
11. Old Song (didn't catch the name)
12. Before Dishonor
13. Never Let It Die
14. Live For This
15. Tear It Down
16. Empty Promises
17. This Is Now
18. Defeatist
19. I Will Be Heard

Note: Somewhere around the middle of Hatebreed's set Jamey Jasta announced they would be playing at The House of Blues in Atlantic City for their cd release. The line-up is Job for a Cowboy, Gwar, Hatebreed and Lamb of God. A must see show, in my opinion.

Overall, other than Lamb of God and Bodom, this was the best show I've been to all year. Great bands, great atmosphere and all around great time. I look forward to seeing every band on this bill again soon.
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