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Killswitch Engage -- Wantagh, NY -- August 29th, 2009

This show was the first time I've been to The Bay Stage @ Jones Beach, which is an all general admission area right next to the Jones Beach theater. Before they actually starting people into the Bay Stage area, they had some shitty local deathcore bands play in the merch/food area. After that garbage, they actually let people into the Bay Stage. It was ok I guess, but it had its flaws. First, there was a barricade down the middle, dividing the standing area into a left and a right side. Second, the sound wasn't that great.

Unearth : The first good band of the day. They had their usual "Don't Stop Believing" intro, then going into "Endless". Overall a good, energetic performance, and their sound was'nt bad either. My only complaint was that they didn't play "Giles", which is probably my favorite song by them.

Partial Setlist :
My Will Be Done
This Lying World
Grave of Oppurtunity
Sanctity Of Brothers

Next up was Vision of Disorder. I wasn't famiar with any of their material, so I couldn't tell you their setlist. But let me tell you, they fucking kicked everyone's ass. A real dose of hardcore, and the pits proved it. Their sound wasn't great, with everything but the vocals and drums sounding like mud. They put on a great show, though.

Next was All That Remains. Let me start this off by saying whoever mixed their sound deserves to be shot. They sounded like utter shit. Don't get me wrong, they performed well and I could tell that they were playing everying right, but their sound was terrible. The bass overpowered everything. The worst part was when Oli and Mike played their solos because only a few notes would actually cut through. In the end, I enjoyed their set, but the sound was a real big disappointment.

Partial Setlist :
This Calling
Forever in your Hands
The Air That I Breath
Not Alone
Two Weeks

After the dissapointing sound of All That Remains, Killswitch took the stage. Just like at Mayhem, they had some techno song as their intro, with Adam D. dancing around and saying the usual "Hey Long Island, put this in your pipe and Smoke it!", followed by the beginning of "My Last Serenade". They band played in great form and the crowd was into every second of it. My only complaints were that you couldn't hear Joel's guitar that well from where I was standing (I was on Adam's side) and that they only played for about an hour because of the fucking curfew.

My Last Serenade
Fixation on the Darkness
Starting Over
Take this Oath
Rose of Sharyn
A Light in a Darkened World
A Bid Farewell
The Arms of Sorrow
Life to Lifeless
My Curse
The End of Heartache
Holy Diver

Overall a really good, fun show.
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