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I must be in the minority here because I think this setlist is a total rip-off considering the money and horrific opening acts. 11 songs from a headlining band for $80+ is probably the worst value show of the entire year to me.

As much as I wanted to see Priest, I had no interest in this show. The setlist we got last year was worlds better and they had Priest, Testament and Motorhead opening... FOR THE SAME PRICE!

The fact that they don't play Sign of the Southern Cross every show is laughable to me. It's one of the best live songs I've ever heard and even if they did a medley with SotSC and Voodoo instead of a drum solo from one of the most overrated drummers of all time it would have been better.

Who doesn't want to hear TV Crimes, After All the Dead, Wishing Well & even Atom & Evil?

Sorry guys, not trying to be negative... just being real. They'll be back and hopefully they'll play a better set next time and will be worth seeing.
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