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So much Coheed hate

They were, as a Coheed fan, very good. But there of course was their progressive wankery, as expected. An acquired taste I'd agree, but I don't see how one could think all those songs sounded the same. The crowd was very weak for them, I know me and my buddy were 2 of the only people standing in the pavilion area for them.

I really don't know why C&C were picked for this pairing with H&H. I mean I love both bands, but the audiences are usually... not the same audiences.

I couldn't believe how packed it got when H&H came on- I guess they really do have the drawing power. COOL!

I thought when Dio and co. came on, they sounded great tho- possibly better than last I saw them. Solid, professional, crisp. Coulda done without the durm solo tho.
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