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Originally Posted by ijwthstd View Post
BAD NEWS (thanks to The Ancient Mariner)

Tommy Vance (RiP) Introduces Band
Band Arrive On Stage (welcomed by bottles of piss everywhere ... nice!!! )
Fuck Off And Burn
You Are A Shit Audience (piss bottles still reign down on them!!! )
Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell
Bitch Hell Mother
Warriors Of Ghengis Khan
Bad News (and fuck they were bad news!!! ) (Piss still being thrown at this point!!! )

Band were:

Vim Fuego (aka Alan Metcalfe) - lead vocals and lead guitar
Den Dennis - rhythm guitar
Colin Grigson - bass guitar
Spider Web - drums

Real names were:

Adrian Edmonson as Vim
Nigel Planer as Den
Rik Mayall as Colin
Peter Richardson as Spider
I never knew the original Young Ones players were in a band (should the word "band" be in quotation marks, maybe?) together!! Peter Richardson was originally supposed to play Mike, but he pissed off the show's producer and they replaced him with Christopher Ryan. I fucking loved that show - it would have been cool to see these guys performing live. I assume it was funny as hell.
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