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Originally Posted by iggus View Post
funny thing about setlist and reading this everyone always wants different songs..haha...can't make everyone happy...the two that you are happy about are the ones I would have liked changed out....I have seen falling and die at every H&H show since 07....would love to see "Voodoo" or "turn up the night" instead of "Falling" and how about "Lady Evil" or "Lonely is the word"...
but in all i saw Cincinnati and it was great just to see them still playing. and yeah this may be the last time who knows. Hope they do a farewell tour before they go and really change up the set....
They were doing Voodoo, Lady Evil and Lonley Is The Word when they first got back together but they dropped them not too long after that. I'd like to see Computer God back in the set and maybe Master Of Insanity or TV Crimes. Dehumanizer is one of my favorite albums ever so anything they add off of that i'd love. I would also love to hear a few more off TDYK like Atom & Evil and Double The Pain. I think they would've actually played longer this tour but it turns out that Iommi has been working with some hand problems for about a year now and needs to have surgery when the tour is done. Maybe that'll explain why the set was cut short over the last year compared to what it was in '07.
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